Create a WiFi hotspot on Debian 8
(02-13-2019, 11:37 AM)JulianM Wrote: Hi waqasnasir,

just create the hotspot as explained and install your favourite webserver.
Change ip-address of the webserver to your local network (like and that's it - nothing special.

There is a ton of tutorials for installing a webserver Smile

Best regards

Thank you Julian, 
I will try the solution. 
My scenarios is however little different. I have to use the setup in the environment where there will be no LAN and no Wifi connection.  So the Rock64 or Rockpro64 will be able to generate an Access point with its own SSID that the other mobile devices can connect to to access the Webserver resources. 

The whole setup will run in villages in an offline state ..  Internet will not be there and is not at all required..

At the moment, I have both Rock64 and Rockpro64 with configured web server and running smoothly.  Both can connect to Wifi as well.  
I have a portable battery operated Access Point (Seperate hardware) , that can create an SSID and i am able to connect the ROCKs to it and the mobile devices are connected to the same SSID and can access the resources on the Webserver. 

I am trying to find a way to get rid of the hardware Access Point and make the setup smaller where the ROCKS can generate their own SSID for the mobile devices to connect to. 
That need lead me to your page while i was searching for a software based access point / hotspot solution. 

After reading the above details, do you think that the tutorial can work in my scenario, or what you suggest ?  I am just one step away for success in my project ..  
Also please mentioned ( as per your knowledge ) whether the software based hotspot or Access point has simultaneous connections limit or not ?  May be in my situation, around 50, 60 mobile devices will try to connect to the SSID at the same time. 
The hardware Access Point , theoretically can connect to 256 devices simultanously, but i am not sure about the scenario of software based Hotspot/Access Point. 

Thank you .. 

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