Got your PINE64 board yet? Post here!
Im not angry....yet..... I would simply like to get my product. I made an $89 pledge, then ordered a bunch more stuff to go with it... I would just like what I ordered. I completely understand logistical issues, as I run a small company that can get overwhelmed too, but you have to communicate well with the customer base, or you will lose them for good. NOTHING can undermine a good product, like crappy customer service. Sad I am backer #36,668, and as of June 12th I have not recieved my order, and gotten only a cryptic response to begging for info in the forums telling me they would put my backer # into the tracker and get back to me in 2-3 days.....Really???? I'm one of the original project backers....I shouldn't have to ask....OR wait. And I'm sorry, but it does not take 2-3 days to tell me the status of my order, and if it does then you really need to revamp your Order tracking system.  I'm not an angry customer, but I AM  extremely dissapointed at this point.

Funny, I also backed the Jaguar Board at the exact same time, and that came in without issue....on time....

I DO understand things can happen, but I'd either like my order or a refund if II do not receive it by June 30th. After that date a fraud complaint will be filed with the BBB and a Complaint letter sent to Kickstarter.       You took my $ in good faith, now I would like to get my product please. I do not think that is an unreasobale expectation. As an original Backer, I don't feel I should have to chase down my order.

Im not trying to be a dick or an angry customer, I'm not cursing or making angry threats, but at this point being nice and quiet and patient hasn't worked so, I'm going to start doing what unhappy customers do...... Sad

whats sad is, I could have bought one off of Ebay and had it already... NOT cool....
Yes, finally: Yesterday did my backerkit show up at my home address. I got all I had in order:

2* 2GB Pine64
2* WiFi / Bluetooth modules
2* POT expansion boards
and 2* reset / power switch
The first set has been tested with a OnePlus mobile PSU and a 5V 4A dedicated power supply. Both combinations works very fine with both Remix and Android on a 64GB Samsung EVO micro SD card.
The only issue I have detected is a problem connecting to an external USB HD (2TB) but I suppose it's because I did connect it directly and not through a powered USB Hub. (will see if I can get a USB Hub today)

I'm not able to  change the keyboard layout to a national keyboard with Remix It's possible with Android 5.1.1 but Remix continue to have a english KB (external) no matter my language / keyboard settings.
Got my Pine today!!! Didn't fire it up yet but everything looks ok. Was sent to me to Netherlands 06.06 (web store February pre-order).
Just to inform you that I receive email confirmation regarding shipped items. Checked online and sent track number is valid. I wish every KS backer receive it board as soon as posible.
I will inform about delivered goods state when it arrive.
(06-17-2016, 05:23 AM)Monochrome Wrote: Got my Pine today!!! Didn't fire it up yet but everything looks ok. Was sent to me to Netherlands 06.06 (web store February pre-order).
Cool. I don't see any bent on board. It very good news!
Received mine, 2G board. After shipping in 1 April and not went thru China. And reshipping at 10 june.
However i noticed the memory module is different with all the images previously pine64 published. A new revision perhaps?

Running Android just fine. HEVC which the main purpose of backing this project is also HW accelerated.
I received my board on June 5 ...

... the board is dated 2016-03-21 (I don't remember my backer number, but I got a tracking number and was told it would ship in late May)

I got mine a week and a half late... big deal ( I waited, patiently, for several months ... )

It was worth the wait... I have iddy bitty computers laying around all over the place here (my PineA64 is just another one now) but, I must say with all genuine respect, I love this board ! It really is a superior board to the RPi 3B even though its larger physically; this board doesn't waste any time on composite video, it has audio input with a stereo jack that makes sense, two gpio bus ports (euler, PI 2) and a powerful wifi daughter card with external antenna... very nice.

The Exp port makes sense, and is VERY good... I can't say enough, this thing is phenomenal... at the moment, I have no complaints; hoping to get a couple more of these.


edit: PS... almost forgot, 2GB of ram ! ... frankly, its the shortfall of the Raspberry PI 3B... not enough memory. The PineA64+ has the right hardware, the right memory, at the right price-point. Brilliant !
got my pine and accessories, wifi board and i2s expansion board.  put debian on sd card and booted my pine64 up. little slow starting up but works fine.
Backer #737 Still waiting for my shipment that was suppose to ship on 5/27. Number was listed as expired but now listed as pending. I hope I can post in the next two days that I actually received it.

Backer #1353, February Pledge, Germany.
Received Sent-Notification with Tracker-ID on Monday with first entrys from 2016-06-17.
According to my wife we received the package today (2016-06-23).
Looking forward to checking if it is "feature-complete" or if some items are missing.

Big Grin 
THX Pine!


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