Got your PINE64 board yet? Post here!
Hey folks,

This is meant to give an idea of backers who have received their boards, so if you've got yours, post a reply with your batch and when you received it.

I'm a February early-bird backer and I'll update this post after mine arrives.

EDIT: Based on the latest update, looks like my board is going to be delayed because I added some accessories (Camera, RTC and WiFi/Bluetooth modules). That's disappointing. If this information was available earlier, I wouldn't had added any accessories to my pledge.
I'm a February baker too, still waiting for shipping confirmation and track number... Shipping was supposed to start yesterday.
I'm a February baker too, still waiting for shipping confirmation and track number too
(03-01-2016, 02:18 PM)hazerty Wrote: I'm a February baker too, still waiting for shipping confirmation and track number too

The shipping department just get the shipping list today and will start the ship out on today. The Holiday pledge and 1G board February pledge will be roll out first on tomorrow, follow by 512MB February pledge and follow by the 2G board February pledge. If there are add-on accessories, the shipping will be adjust accordingly. The March pledge will be roll out around third week of March. However, due to the heavy shipping volume, this will takes us few weeks to deploy.
for me 1gb board, wifi/blutooth PINE64 ABS Enclosure ad SD card
I'm Feb baker too, but when I got the survey, I've added WiFi-BT module and added two more "Plus" Pines. So, as of today's KS notice, seems like my shipment would be delayed too :'(
// But I hope, it will not, because it will really be disappointment, that until today they told "all will be shipped just in place, until you buy this and that. And WiFi modules was NOT in this list Sad
One board plus wifi module, clear case and air mouse. I haven't seen any post announcing delays related to my add ons so I hope they start shipping out today or tomorrow (fingers crossed for my pine is included before weekend).
So many bakers in one place!  Angel

Please bake a pine.  Heart
I ordered the The Holiday PINE A64+ , + case, psu, and wifi-bt.
Still no shipping.

How about an update of what the shipping dates of the add ons are?
Still waiting, BackerKit shows I was charged on 2/27 but haven't shipped...

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