Lego Case
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Thats a nicely done mod.
Got to say I really want those tubes you are using to cover up the cables. The result is perfect Smile
Great job Smile

Thanks, I had been trying to come up with a way to do this for a while, and I decided I wanted the memory chips to have some clearance for cooling.  I still have not seen them... felt them... get hot but I do want to be able to sink the heat if it becomes too much.  I have some really tiny sinks but I am trying to wait for the official ones to drop. Getting the cables through he tube wasn't too hard, I had to remove the connector housing and feed them through, but if you make the cables from scratch it should be a breeze.  I toyed with getting a housing setup for my USB hub but it is just not really built in a  way that is conducive to a good Lego housing.  But the upshot is that I can use the 5v 4a or 5v 5a supplies to run power to the hub then to the Pine, or vise versa, whichever seems more prudent.  Since the Pi header has 5v available and it is accessible from the outside it may be how I power it in the short run, of course I could power the hub separately too with something smaller.  I really don't know for sure.  I have been using this board to try out the many roles I plan for it and thus have been doing different things and imagining different setups for it.  I also fully trust the amp ratings on power supplies that I get, so I will load test them and see what they are truly capable of safely before loading them to any where near there full advertised loads.  I figure by getting something twice what the Pine can use will give me a good chance of actually getting what the Pine needs.

You really should check what brick link has available in your local area or from somewhere your country may have any free trade treaties with... I think there a dumb idea... but that's politics and I try to avoid that, but I know that in Europe import and export taxes can be brutal!  I am still not sure how this will look in the end.  I think that the power port will be covered soon though once I have received and tested the new power supplies.  I had read somewhere on the forum that the USB port is not truly rated for 2.5a according to the wiki that may be true, I know they can but with my luck with these styles of cables I would be the one that had one short out and fry the board and legos and burn the rest of the house down, so I will feel much safer with connectors and cables rated to 3-4a  TBH I would have liked a JST-XH connector for power personally but thats just because I have a lot of them and am used to them.  I have several connectors I use regularly but I use the JST-XH for lipo batteries balancing ports and for most of my potentiometer connections and use Molex KK connectors for connections to components off board like bridge rectifiers or capacitors and also the larger ones for mains voltage in and stuff like that.  I supposed that since this is technically open source I could re-arrange the board a little to my liking... but  that would be terribly more expensive than just buying one from them directly and who knows maybe someone will read this and implement some of the ideas for the REV 2 of the board.  Heck i I would be happy with a board that just has a port unpopulated that way I could put whatever connector i wanted on it... Thinking about it a board that was not populated with any connectors could be a good idea for people who like to standardize there plugs like me.... anyways I think I am firmly on a tangent.  This Forum software lags when I get long winded anyways.
Little beats big when little is smart. First with the head, then with the heart.  P.K. ~Power of One~
I built my Lego case with the input and assistance of my boys.  I included a computer technician and a fiery smokestack to help vent off the heat (along with the perforated Lego pieces along the side).  It makes a great torrent/samba/minidlna server with a Seagate external 4TB drive.  I'm loving the DietPi image that released recently... it was incredibly easy to set up everything.

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Love the computer tech hahaha Looks great and its awesome you had the input of your kids. Do they also use it? Or are you just using it mainly for the Storage?

Next task, convert the HDD enclosure to Lego!~
Little beats big when little is smart. First with the head, then with the heart.  P.K. ~Power of One~
For now, they haven't really caught the "bug" when it comes to these SOC computers (they do like desktop systems that play Steam games) for now. I wish our local schools had decent programs for Raspberry Pi-like devices but that's just not in the cards yet, and I'm barely a good teacher as I'm learning as I go. The Pine A64 has proven to be a great media server... no stuttering like the Pi3 did, maybe due to the 1GB Lan connection. As for the external hard drive, I barely had enough black Lego blocks for that! I think if anything I'll have to build a new enclosure for the camera once it finally arrives. I guess then I'll have a media server that can keep tabs on me...not sure if that's really what I want.
I am hoping to not only get more Pines, but also use one of them as a tablet.  I have the wifi module and the camera on order.  I did not order the screen because I am waiting for the battery and case.  Once I can order all three I will get the stuff to order those.  I MAY try my hand at building a Lego Tablet case just for grins, but I am not sure exactly what all it will entail.  I have a battery I am trying to see if I can get to work but it is only +/- no temp sensor and I am not sure if I need to do something to make it work, I will probably ask in the noob channel there is notation on the schematic but it is unclear.  I may go ahead and put the screen on order and then when it comes I can use it to have a go at a tablet case, I am thinking about it now, and I have an idea for a locking mechanism from Technic blocks that will allow it to be opened like a book...  I may have to play around with the idea some.

I was turned on to the Udoo by Tarjei85 who I hold completely accountable for my friend buying me one, when I showed it to him.  It has an Arduino on board and WILL be able to run SteamOS!  But that is a long way out.  For now I am going to be tricking my pine to think its 32 bit so I can get BOINC going to run seti data.  One of the things I may go ahead and do is get ten of the 1gb units over time and run them as an array to crunch data for Seti...  I wanted a reason and Dave over on EEVBlog gave me the idea when he demoed the OrangePi1 I think it was called.  Anyways, I will probably buy a few at a time, and may build a Lego case for the lot! Besides,  we all could use a small super computer to crunch data and maybe we will one day find Extra Terrestrials!  As Dave put it, Because... Aliens....  Bout sums it up I think.   My son has some really neat alien heads that are not Star Wars, I think I will confiscate them for the array build and have little E.T.s studying the strange monolithic device... OOOO yeah, Black Lego Monolith SETI number cruncher powered by Pine Inside! I AM SO THERE!
Little beats big when little is smart. First with the head, then with the heart.  P.K. ~Power of One~
Hi Community,

This is my first version of Pine64 case. It was made with "imitation" Lego (made in china), this is because in my country the Lego brand is very expensive (700 pcs = usd 130$  while "imitation" has a cost of usd 10$). 

- Magic Block:

[Image: 02_20160705_Pine64_Enclosure_blocks_by_a...net_v1.jpg]

- Board + blocks

[Image: 03_20160705_Pine64_Enclosure_blocks_by_a...net_v1.jpg]

- In progress

[Image: 04_20160705_Pine64_Enclosure_blocks_by_a...net_v1.jpg]


[Image: 12_20160705_Pine64_Enclosure_blocks_by_a...net_v1.jpg]

P.S: Version 1.1 (upgrade to case):

- Cover

[Image: 01_20160706_Pine64_Enclosure_blocks_by_a...t_v1-1.jpg]

- Back (with Pine64 Logo)

[Image: 03_20160706_Pine64_Enclosure_blocks_by_a...t_v1-1.jpg]

- On board

[Image: 05_20160706_Pine64_Enclosure_blocks_by_a...t_v1-1.jpg]

- Finished

[Image: 09_20160706_Pine64_Enclosure_blocks_by_a...t_v1-1.jpg]

More photos available in
PINE A64+ BOARD 2GB w/ BT & Wireless modules port | Running Remix OS |
Could you please check your images again. Not showing here (Chrome on a Galaxy Tab). Would really like to see how it turned out.
(07-05-2016, 04:06 PM)Tarjei85 Wrote: Could you please check your images again. Not showing here (Chrome on a Galaxy Tab). Would really like to see how it turned out.


I don't understand but Dropbox change URL image. I'm now move to my server.

Thanks you so much.
PINE A64+ BOARD 2GB w/ BT & Wireless modules port | Running Remix OS |
Very nice case ! ... colorful, artful.

Big Grin
Nice one Smile good work.
Really liked the finish of the non-genuine-legos Wink

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