Android 6.0 Tablet and TV (release candidate, maintained)
(12-20-2016, 06:08 PM)corb06 Wrote: Hello!
Brand new to Pine64 user community. Bought the board many months ago, but havent used it until now.

Just installed this android 6.0 image today, but I noticed that everything is really slow. 5-10 seconds reaction time for each command. Like Open Chrome app, Play store app, download app, or actually anyhing at all.
Is this normal? Using ethernet cable, but still download speeds are incredibly slow...
My TV remote has no effect on the android interface at all. HDMI-CEC not working with Samsung tvs?

The HDMI-CEC not working on all equipment is known issue that is no solved yet.

(12-21-2016, 04:39 PM)ayufan Wrote: > I've just tested a new SD card 32G but the behaviuor is still the same.

What kind of card? Different cards have different parameters, where most of them are simply slow with random I/O.

I tested a few cards, and only Mezzo / Samsung EVO/+ was giving me consistently good responsivity.

> Is there any possibility to expand/improve HDMI CEC compatibility?

I'm waiting for some feedback from tllim.

> The Pine64 A+ is a really slow computer.

It is not the fastest, but it works well for most of workloads, like watching movies, using TV, and similar.

> Neither 6.0 not 7.0 seems to support USB devices.

Hmm, a number of users use Kodi with USB. I personally use USB keyboard, mouse and GamePad to control my pine. I tested a few USB devices also fine.
There were no version that USB would not work.

> 7.0 takes about 10 minutes too, but WHY use 6.0 instead of 7.0??

Because 6.0 is more compatible and simply faster, because of that.

On 6.0 you should be able to use tablet version of Netflix as it also supports Widevine DRM L3.

I could not get either the Pine keyboard not my Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard not a mouse to work.  I was back on Android 7.0 after never getting the TV version to respond to the LCD unlike the non-TV version of 7.0.  5.1.1 from Pine work with all 3 type of devices.  I swear it was working before with build 54 or else I would not have been able to configure WiFi and Google Play but now when I plug in a mouse the LED will not light up and same for they keyboards.  They get no power under build 67.

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