Android 6.0 Tablet and TV (release candidate, maintained)
(11-26-2016, 03:15 AM)ayufan Wrote: Based on my work for Android 7.0 ( I did downgrade to 6.0.


It takes about 10 minutes for first boot to finish.

Report all issues here:

What does work?

It seems to work nicely and be more responsive then 7.0 build.

Widevine DRM L3 does work, so you should be able to use Netflix.

It also allows you to update SuperSU binary, so rooting is OK too.

What does not?

- So far it seems to be OK.

This is alpha build, so do not complain Smile

If something doesn't work:
- try to see logs (adb logcat, adb shell dmesg),
- try to compile and fix it by yourself,
- when you find solution create a Pull Request for one of this repositories:

How to compile?

You can also see my Jenkins compilation script:



The builds are designed to be used with Pine A64 1GB or 2GB on at least 4GB sdcard.

Use Etcher to write images:

The build automatically resize data partition on first boot to use sdcard space.


To enable LCD, edit uEnv.txt from BOOT partition and uncomment:

HDMI resolution:

Edit uEnv.txt and select one. You can find all supported in uEnv.txt:


Ethernet speed:

Edit uEnv.txt and select desired speed, by default it uses auto-negotiation.
For example to limit to 100Mbps:


Google Apps:

Android Regular and TV already has Google Apps installed.

7.0 takes about 10 minutes too, but WHY use 6.0 instead of 7.0??

(11-26-2016, 12:41 PM)mhump711 Wrote: first off,  great work, haven't really come across any issues.

except.... when I search for netflix in the play store I am not able to find it. I live in the US if that matters.

will downloading the apk be the only way to get it on?

Netflix still does no work, they keep changing their interface making it probably one of the last items to get supported along with some Google apps since they apparently changed their headers again, or so I have heard.

(11-28-2016, 05:54 PM)trenton4k Wrote: on 0.3.0: jenkins-android-6.0-pine-a64-13 i can see gpu info on Kodi
(11-28-2016, 01:02 PM)wappi Wrote: Works really nice. Only I have recognized that H.265 streams are not working with Kodi (I have only tested TV version). It was working with Android 7 release.  Seems that Kodi can not identify GPU.

MXPlayer works for both H.264 and H.265 so long as you us HW but not HW+, VLC works but not for Flash Videos.

(11-29-2016, 10:08 AM)ayufan Wrote: It should work, but use 4Kp24.

Yep, the Pine only has HDMI 1.4 outputs not HDMI 2.0 outputs thus no 60 Hz support is possible.  Same for the Udoo if it ever comes out.

(11-30-2016, 11:27 AM)tommypine Wrote: I can't access Videos located on a USB-Stick with Kodi. The Stick dosen't show up. With ES File Explorer i can access them.
If i click on them in ES then i can play them in Kodi, but i can't add it as video source. Any help?

It's a KODI problem.  It is not the only player that lacks the ability to set where to look for videos.

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