I found using the end up a needle nose pliers the easiest way to assemble the final 4 nuts. Just press firmly down on the handles with one hand and rotate it. I have rubber feet on both sides but you may have to hold the case to stop it from sliding around.

I saw another video that suggests assembling the two screws and shown and then assembling the base pieces together using the two short screws and nuts NEXT. It is a LOT better method. It hold them together and does not interfere with putting on the corner pieces which now go on A LOT easier. I would also assemble one screw to each, not fully tight but close, before adding the screen. The avoids you having to fight gravity since they are already in place and you can assemble it with screen upward and make any adjustments with ease.

I would like to see a "tall" version too so I could either mount a fan internally or use the Z-Wave or similar module, etc.

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