Enclosure for flush-mounting the 7" touchscreen

I'm looking to replace my squeezebox touch with a high-powered R-Pi alternative, with a proper USB and ethernet implementation.

the Pine64 looks like a perfect contender at a very attractive price.  Better still, the 7" touchscreen lloks as if it should be flush-mountable in a nice looking case, much like the official R-Pi 7" case:
[img] https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0176/3...1477646087[/img]

Can anyone suggest a case that fits round the screen so that the edges are flush?

Stand and back-housing for the Pine64 board I can probably manage myself if the case doesn't fit/include them.

 The unit should stand, sloping slightly back, just like the image above.


Not 100% sure this is what you are after but take a look here: http://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=2277
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Thanks Luke,

Well, almost. No offence, but it looks a little "home-made".
Maybe a 3D print would be the answer... something like:

Home made ? I guess tastes differ :Smile
Is this for an industrial application - Have you see then playbox enclosure ? 

I don't think that there currently are any other LCD cases similar to the one you've linked.  You may need to design and print one ... Will come report back if something ever shows up.
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

It's for a replacement squeezebox touch, sitting on my HiFi shelf Smile, so needs to look sleek.

I'll look into 3D printing (probably modifying a 7" RPi enclosure.

Thanks for all advice.

Just to say that I ordered my Pine64 (2GB), screen and C4 Labs LCD Enclosure today.

I'll remove the corner brackets, countersink the screws, glue-laminate the front two layers of the frame and cover in piano-black foil for appearance, then mount two "chrome" feet at the back to give it "alarm-clock" posture. May post pics when I'm finished.

Community development for the Pine64 looks promising compared with an OrangePi plus2e H3 based device that I have been playing with up to now, so I really look forward to receiving the parts and following the development.


Good to hear and best of luck with the project !
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Post pics when completed please.
+1 me if I have helped you in any way. Thank you.
Still W.I.P but here are pics of the project so far.

 I have ordered aluminium brackets to bolt to the back, which will hold the unit upright.

The screen doesn't quite flush-mount as I didn't dare remove it from the plastic bezel that is factory-mounted around it, but doesn't look too bad protruding slightly from the matt side of the C4Labs surround.

[Image: 3BR60ENtG6Z5.png][Image: 3BR6QSPqeIfH.png]
Images are broken
+1 me if I have helped you in any way. Thank you.

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