Any luck getting JACK working on the pine64?
This looks like a good place to ask this.  Anybody know JACK/pine64+ 2G?  I envision a two board cluster, one 2G for UI, one 512M --- for audio processing, and some professional audio software.  Touch screen, usb midi, class d pre-amp, and/or digital audio feed to a dsp.  The idea is to devastate the old market with new, accessible kit.  

I'm still noobing on the whole build process, working at getting a stable workstation from which to further develop.  Many of you are waaay ahead of me on that, so I'm just asking.


If this is better as a new post, say so, and I'll do that too.
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I presume by JACK you're referring to this? If so, there was another guy being trying to get it to work about a month ago, but I haven't seen any updates indicating that he has had any luck getting it to work. There is also this post from earlier this month about a kernel warning being triggered.

I'll split this into another thread, as it's not quite in line with the OT.

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