Emails from pine64 received as spam by gmail
Hi everyone,

I have recently registered an account to join the forums and I received no confirmation email at first, I later found it in the spam folder of my gmail account.
The header says:

Quote:Why is this message in spam? It is in violation of Google's recommended email sender guidelines.

Not sure if this is the place to note this and I couldn't find a reference for it when searching through the forums.

I clicked the 'Report Not Spam' button, but I figured you might want to take care of it on your side as well.
We're aware of the issue. There are plans for how to fix it, but we're not going to implement them until the current phase of Pinebook Pro preorders is over.
Community administrator and sysadmin for PINE64
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Likely the same issue but, the confirmation email is completely rejected by by default.
By default completely rejects email it considers spam. I thought I had it setup to put spam in the "Junk" folder but the settings are a bit tricky if you don't pay close attention to the FAQ here. If a "technical filter" (Greylisting, SMTP Plausibility check, Realtime Blacklist) is enabled, emails that match the technical filter will be *rejected* and not put in Junk, as the "move to Junk" option is only for the content filter. The confirmation email matches one of the technical filters, so I'm posting here in case it could help someone else who is wondering why it is not even in Junk ...

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