Can I rotate Screen Android 5.1.1 for LCD (not rooted)
Hello, I've installed my Pine64+ 2 GB model with Android 5.1.1 for LCD into my just arrived playbox enclosure along with the LCD screen.  Everything is working well including the touchscreen in the LCD.

There is a setting within Android (Settings/Display/when Device is Rotated, rotate the Contents of Screen).  This doesn't work for me.

This is slightly problematic for me as the power USB connection is on the bottom of the enclosure when the default screen orientation is active.  If I could rotate the screen 180 degrees, then that plug would be on the top of the enclosure and out of the way while the enclosure is in my lap.  I'm not using any USB devices, so, for me, having the USB ports on the bottom of the enclosure when the screen is rotated 180 degrees works better for me.

I know this is very minor, but I thought I'd ask if anyone has successfully rotated the screen in Android 5.1.1 for LCD.  I'm using the latest build (20160603 LCD Panel Output).  Or maybe I just need to wait for the next Android LCD build?  Thanks.
Go into the app store and download a screen roatator app

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i used "rotation control"
allows you to lock screen rotation as well, for those times the screen rotates and you dont want it to.
controls from the notification bar (swipe down from top) which is very handy.
Hmm mine doesnt control notifications might try this

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Oh never mind read that wrong

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Hello again and thanks to both hrimbtz and jodybrown99 who pointed me to apps to rotate the screen as I want it.

I guess there really IS an app for everything.  Anyone know of one that spits money out of an Android device?    Cool

I don't see in the specs for the Pine A64 any "orientation sensor" that would work in conjunction with the app to auto-rotate the screen as its physical orientation changes.  Do I understand correctly?  The app I downloaded is supposed to have an auto-rotate setting so the screen would flip to portrait or landscape or reverse portrait or reverse landscape as I change the orientation of my Pine in the Playbox enclosure.  But if the sensor existed in the Pine, then I wouldn't need the app, the Android OS would just rotate the screen on its own, isn't that right?  And the auto-rotate setting in the app I downloaded doesn't actually auto rotate as I move my Pine.  jodybrown99, does your Pine's LCD screen actually rotate when you don't want it to (presumably by changing the physical orientation of the Pine) if you turn off the "lock screen setting"

But my main issue is solved.  I can use my Pine in reverse landscape mode thanks to the app I downloaded.

Thanks again to hrimbtz and jodybrown99.  I had no idea such apps existed.

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