PBP won't boot after trying to reinstall Manjaro ARM
Hi all,

The second time I turned on my PBP, it wouldn't boot (power status LED was flashing green/red).
I was able to boot to Armbian from microSD by disabling the eMMC, and tried to reinstall Manjaro ARM to the eMMC using this installer.
After putting in the settings for the install, it threw some errors about some nonexistent files in /var/tmp, and presumably went ahead writing to /dev/mmcblk1 (It said it was setting it up for ext4).  Half an hour of nothing happening, and I stopped it.
Now when I turn the device on, the light doesn't come on at all, whether the eMMC is disabled, or not.
I'm at a loss as to what to do at this point if I can't even boot to an SD card.  Apologies for the lack of foresight in taking pictures or noting the exact error messages.


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PBP won't boot after trying to reinstall Manjaro ARM - by soupgirl - 12-07-2023, 05:10 PM

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