google will take control of android in the future.
google will take control of android in the future.

moderators may not like this topic, which is basically google and android bashing.

i predicted somewhere around that 2021, google will lock android somehow within few years. introducing fuchsiaos kernel, banning bootloader unlocking, using more closed components, changing api in android core and so on. google already has "google play services" and "google play", which are closed components and many android apps are dependent on those.

so i basically, repeat same prediction, open android is gone after few years, maybe 2027.

ungoogled android is still open now, but i predict that ungoogled android is practically gone after few years, android will be like what ios is now.

google/alphabet/youtube is reportedly slowing down youtube (some users report this). google plans to introduce banning ad blockers in chrome (i don't know chromium though), . these are worrisome developments.

just in case, apple's system are totally controlled by apple. including macs with m-chips.

looking back, maybe i knew more or less few years back, and i went to pinephone train. in short, there's not going to be software and hardware freedom in android.

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google will take control of android in the future. - by zetabeta - 11-21-2023, 10:17 PM

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