Remove google captcha from registration
Please remove google captcha from registration.

Many people move away from Android and avoid google services because google does not respect users privacy. I purchased a PineTab and would like to help improve this product. I tried to register at this forum without success. Finally it was only possible by allowing the access to google servers and use the captcha. Please remove google from this website. Many people are using pine products just because they do not want to use google products and services. I appreciate it so much that I can use a PineTab running mobian!
My long term experience with and this forum let's me assume that your request will not succeed. Angry
Please ignore the generally grumpy user.

Pine isn't adverse to making changes to the site or forum, based on the requests of the users, especially if supported by the community. However just making a post demanding the removal of a needed counter to bots/spam might not go as far as you please. (Frankly, it's off putting to most.) It generally helps to offer recommendations to alternatives. If you know of any to suggest, I'm sure Pine would be willing to consider a change.
My fist proposal is to make a manual activation of new members by moderators. You let the user write some words why he wants to join the forum and then decide weather to activate him or not. Not everything must be automated nowadays. But I understand, if you have 100 requests per day this is not realistic.

I am not a programmer, but my second proposal is to include random images on the website and the user must type the words from the images. I have seen that on several other pages and sometimes it is hard to read the right words.
It is ironic you can not log to pine64 services using privacy options and pine64 devices. Not a good advertisement!
Perhaps a good alternative to big brother's captcha is hCaptcha ( which claims to respect user privacy (NOTE: I haven't read the privacy policy yet, so take it with a grain of salt) and pays site owners who implement hCaptcha.
This is a request that has come up before. I'm certainly not against it (and I hear the comments about irony Confused), but it has previously been put off due to not having an easy way to implement hCaptcha (which is the only really acceptable solution). It appears that the MyBB devs have added support now, but we will have to wait until I can find a good time to update the forum.

Right now is unfortunately not a good time, as we're already having issues with system availability.
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(10-16-2020, 08:51 AM)daniel Wrote: It is ironic you can not log to pine64 services using privacy options and pine64 devices. Not a good advertisement!

Try using an Amiga on

I think it's pretty much assumed that if you use Pine64 products, you also have other computing resources.

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