Which mini keyboard and mouse to choose for the PP?
Is the best solution thePinephone keyboard with PostmarketOS with SXMO?

- and does an additional Bluetooth mouse always disconnect?

- I have chosen postmarketOS for my Pinephone since among the distros which support the PP keyboard and that is postmarketOS, Manjaro Linux, DanctNIX (Arch Linux) and Mobian:


- postmarketOS is the one Martin Braam has chosen in several YouTube video demos so I have chosen it as well.

- But user reported in the Pine64 forum that only one Bluetooth HID device can be connected at a time:


- and an usb mouse can only be connected if the PP keyboard is not connected:


- Zebulon Walton uses a Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad:


- But I had issues with this device since it always disconnects:


- Is there a user who is happy with Zebulon Waltons Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad?

- There are happy users of the PP keyboard, for instance Hook:


Hook writes:

- «For whatever it is worth in this context, for PostmarketOS with SXMO, the keyboard works perfectly out of the box.

- Alt G gets you the third layer symbols on the numkeys and Pine-numkey gets you the function keys.

- No mods of any sort required.

- Being a noob, SXMO was a little challenging, but once you get it, it is perfect for a phone sized device.

- I just installed nano and away I go.

- SXMO on a PinePhone makes the phone essentially a terminal with menus and gestures. Very nice.

- According to what I have learned and mention in this thread, it sould be possible add additionally a Bluetooth mouse to a PP with the PP keyboard.

- Is there another option to add HIDs?

- Is LibreOffice not one of the applications which can be started up on the PP which is one of apps with the most features for the PP and is highly costumizable:


- But does it make any sense to costumize LibreOffice for the PP without a keyboard with a lot of keys which can be accessed directly without pressing ALT and SHIFT and Control and the Pine key?

- I studied intensively single board computers and the issues they have with HID devices.

- One such a device is the Orange Pi 5

- On my question « Is there a wireless keyboard which works with the Orange Pi 5?» which I wrote to the armbian forum:


- forum members posted that they use 2.4 GHz keyboards with trackpads which do not require any driver and work out of the box.

- One of these devices is the Ri mini 4 which is part of Chris Sherwood (Crosstalk solutions) kit for the Orange Pi 5:


- The Rii 4 offers Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz dual mode.

- It is a keyboard from which Chris Sherwood says it works with the Orange Pi 5.

- Is it not the best to choose 2.4 GHz with the dongle of the keyboard which does not require any drivers?

- Did someone get the  Rii 4 mini keyboard with 2.4 Ghz dongle get to work with the PP and is happy with it?

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