Mouse for the PinePhone?
I use for several years a Elecom ClipClap mouse for my smartphone. It is very comfortable to use for this purpose, since it is the smallest mouse I could find on the market:

The mouse is from Japan, and I could only find one seller on ebay who sells the mouse. I recently bought a new one. It was the last one in the shop. I asket them to get new ones, since it is good for Linux phones. The renewed the stock, but the prize was now 50 USD instead of 30 USD.

I complained, and said, although I m from Switzerland, I m not ready to pay every prize for this mouse. They answered, it is not because of this reason. The prize would be defined by the number of pieces they buy from the manufacturer. If the would sell more of this model, prizes will drop again.

I saw that at the Elecom shop, the prize for this mouse is also 50 USD now. They don't have an english web page, all is in Japanese language. And they don't have a prize listing in dollars, but only in Yen. It was available in different colors before, now, there is only the red model available. Is the product dead, and do they only sell the stock?

If you see an alternative mouse which is suitable, please let me know.
Bluetooth ® wireless mouse "CAPCLIP" is end of the sale:

Did anyone manage to contact Elecom support to make the mouse survive?:

reddit says, Elecom support can only be reached trough the ebay shop. And the ebay shop contradicts the information of Elecom. The information is confusing.

Alternatives to the Elecom mouse?
I bought a last one for 30 USD. The ebay shop said, they don't deliver to P.O. boxes. So I sent it to a place of a friend, where I am only once a week. The mouse arrived quickly within only a week. But I missed to pick it up for one day at the post office. So they sent it back to Japan  Angry  .

Fortunately, the women at the post office could turn it at the custom clearance, but they do it only by exeption. I had to pick it up the next day, and travel for it 10 km  and return 10 km. I suppose it is really the last one I will buy, although the shop in Japan said the would also send it to P.O. boxes on demand.

The Clip Clap mouse was really an extraordinary mouse, and I loved it. But there are also other small mouses available, which I can live with it.
There is a new light weight mouse: Logitech G Pro X Superlight, which is only 65 grams:

but who pays 150 USD for a PinePhone mouse?

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