pine64 opensource dumbphone
(08-15-2023, 01:36 AM)zetabeta Wrote: couple of days! i doubt it. in case of pinephone, i don't think it's possible even with simple operating system. but it would be good to see some results because those simple systems are running somewhat.

I am becoming more and more nostalgic for the old Blackberries, which even with well used batteries mostly didn't have difficulty with 24 hours. I assume that you saying that the problem with the pinephone battery life is mostly in the hardware, and not the software.

If pine64 builds a dumbphone, I hope that they will make it fit on a small board with good potential for a week or more of battery life. I suggest a small board because then there might be the possibility of fitting two boards into a smartphone case. One the small, efficient phone board and the other a computer that can tether to the phone board or use wifi.
I've juste bought a nokia 8110 with kaiOS on it but I would rather have something really open source, if it is esp32 based then no problem
(08-16-2023, 08:26 AM)Phie Wrote: I've juste bought a nokia 8110 with kaiOS on it but I would rather have something really open source, if it is esp32 based then no problem

i hope i don't start flaming sandbox argument here.

kaios has been disappoiment for me, core of kaios is okay but it is bundled with preinstalled stuff from manufacturer and google. and user cannot uninstall that stuff out unless device is hacked and rooted. in this case root means adb commands and editing some stuff. btw, does it sound similar to average android!?

but there is another point, which i think it is bigger on its own way. that specific model does not support volte, or at least support is low. in short, you may have totally useless device in near future. other kaios devices may have functional volte though.

good news, some stores, i don't advertise, start to have some technical basic phones with volte. although, could be european frequency bands only. but i think there is u.s. version as well, problem is that u.s. carriers are picky.
A very young boy made this phone

based on esp32, 30€ of components, I guess what he uses as 2G module could be replaced by a 4G one

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