Ubuntu Touch on Pine64
Here is the link to the new release:

Here is a little note from Oren & CO over at Telegram:


These are our images, ready for your usage, building daily. I’m still figuring out how we will have these distributed. I’ll be updating my gitlab page, the pine64 wiki, and the ubports wiki in the next few days pointing to here, most likely.

You can select last successful artifacts or click on the “+View” button, then click to download the .raw.xz file of your respective device. then flash it in the same way as our downstream images.

Please note: these are still r/w and still have to be upgraded through apt. However, you should notice multiple improvements with ContentHub, the modem, and even GPS support. We are actively working on r/o and system-image updates, you can follow the progress in this chat.

Issues/other comments:
- network + modem seem to die on the pinephone pro when put to sleep. sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager ofono will get them back on, but we believe this is a problem with the kernel. We are actively working on this too.

- external monitor support is still poor, and camera is not working yet. Again, we are working on this.

- almost all of contenthub works. However, some things seem to require apparmor profile updates. For example, you can now correctly upload images to telegram, and you can download them from telegram, but trying to have the file open the downloaded file will still fail. You have to locate it manually.

- GPS *should* be working OOTB, but in reality it seems to be acting slightly funny. If it does not work right away, we have found switching to our branch that fixed it sudo ubports-qa install focal_-_PR_location-service_27, then sudo ubports-qa uninstall focal_-_PR_location-service_27 right after to remove it, it seems to bring GPS online

- PineTab2 WiFi has new, safer one-liners! sudo systemctl start pinetab2-wifi-enable + reboot to turn it on, sudo systemctl start pinetab2-wifi-disable + reboot to turn it back off. These are not persistent, so you can’t systemctl enable them.

Finally, I could not have got this far without @Luigi311 + @fuseteam, huge thanks to both of them for helping me take this project on ?

Here is another post from Oren & CO:

Also they will likely recieve another few package updates in the next few days when OTA3 comes out, so these are test images until that is fully released (UBPorts will announce it). Then they are officially "beta" upstream images, before our OTA-upgradable final version.

From Oren & CO:
i am waiting to upload this to the ubports + pine64 wikis until OTA3 comes out

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