XFCE mobian running nicely but some oddities
Something broke the mobian image on my SD card a while ago so I bit the bullet, installed tow-boot and installed a new image to SD card. There are some minor UI improvements that help me when using phosh a little and I now know never to install Evolution again (after some incomprehensible UI changes that make Thunderbird look pretty). 

However as I regarded the new image on the SD card as a test image I decided to try installing the XFCE desktop again. Previous attempts lead to problems logging in so I did not go any further with it. The new version of mobian makes setting up XFCE child's play. The result is remarkably usable.

There are some oddities. I cannot control the layout and theme of the Onboard on screen keyboard in the LightDM login screen. Other things can be changed such as using large fonts but I have not managed to work out how to change Onboard's settings. Does the default phosh install have its own LightDM configs somewhere that (partially) override mine?

The power button logs me out of my session despite configuring XFCE to "Ask" when the power button is pressed. I am not sure why that is the case. I have a workaround with a "lock screen" button on the main panel but if the power button gets hit by accident then it will still log me out.

I have a second panel that I hide. The problem is that the target area I need to hit to unhide the panel is too narrow for me to hit with my finger. It is fine if I connect a mouse up to the PPPro. I seem to remember that there was a way to widen the target area, but I have not found anything after several searches on the internet. It could be that it is a feature of LXDE panel that I have ascribed to XFCE. Anyone know how to widen the target area to unhide an XFCE panel?

I tried to uninstall some GNOME applications from the XFCE session and Synaptic indicated that phosh would be uninstalled as well. I had to boot back into phosh where it was possible using GNOME Software to remove the packages I did not want without removing phosh. Why is this?

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