Mobian - Phosh
Over on Mastodon, @manut is running Debian (Mobian-Phosh) on his #pinetab2 !

He provides instructions and if I had a day or two just to play, I'd be tempted to give it a swing. Maybe somebody more experienced will provide an image we can just install. I wonder how challenging it will be to pull in kernel/driver updates as the rest of our device is brought online (wifi, camera, suspend). 

I'm long-time comfortable in Debian, though I was very grateful when the Linux kernel became robust enough (and hardware standardized enough) that I no longer had to compile kernels to get the drivers I needed.

I'm wondering what would happen if I installed aur/phosh . Would I be able to choose between it and plasma on the login screen (so as to have a known-working fallback)? Should I worry that it is tagged "Flagged out-of-date"? Better to use aur/phosh-git ?
Would love to also see a debian based image for this. I feel so lost without it.

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