"pineflow": my (fairly early) concept/entry for the community logo contest
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(repost from the Telegram/Discord chat:)

Hello everyone! Here's my entry for the community logo contest. It's not entirely a logo idea, but rather an identity rebrand concept for the PINE64 community. For now this concept is called "pineflow". Using a minimal color palette (only +1 from the original 3 blu-ish colors used in the pinecone logo) with white backgrounds, the new logo and the infographic packages aim to deliver a modern, decently vibrant & practical visual style with good readability. The design is also flexible and could be adapted for various needs (for example, optional shape/color indicators could be included before the logo subtitles or the title text in announcements)

(Sorry for the lack of examples, since PINE64's news announcement is the only use case I could think of for now)

This is a preliminary design, so all suggestions are appreciated! btw, If this concept is ultimately chosen as the community's new visual identity, I would hand in the infographic template SVG as well as the logo to the community for use in future news/announcements or in other fields. I would also be glad to work on future updates, improvements and maintenance for this set of graphic packages as a volunteer :)

(sorry if the preview looks blurry; perhaps that's an issue with my HiDPI screen, since I'm using scaled KDE)

possible FAQs?
- IMO the original pinecone logo is decent enough, so I focused more on a graphics package rebrand besides doing minor tweaks to the logo itself.
- For the "store" logo suffix: I'm now aware that Pine Store Ltd is a separate entity, so perhaps I'll make a separated one for it in the future.
- No smooth color gradients are used in the text section of the logo; these are discrete color chunks with fairly sharp edges. My original idea was indeed to use gradients, but that was scrapped since the description of the contest reads "no gradients; a minimal color palette is preferred").

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