My Pine64 Logo Re-Design & Thoughts About A New Logo
Hello Everyone! I decided I was going to do the Pine64 logo re-design contest. Here is what I came up with: 
[Image: AJFCJaXoeQWSGYO-EK4TA3m0JC5TyfbpA5sTHR87...-h606-s-no]and: [Image: AJFCJaXklFcHjLJ9ojght1gpzrBlBgPMu-Nq65C6...-h606-s-no]

About The Font:

The only difference from the second picture and the first picture is the font. I did the softer looking font since I saw that the new Pine64 logo was a lot softer than the original logo. I did the more skinnier and serious looking font because it's cool. I think both fonts are good choices. The softer font is good because it more friendly looking, less serious. The skinnier looking font is good, because it just looks really cool. It's also looks more serious than the softer looking font, which isn't necessarily bad. It also looks like since it has color. It's not just plain old black like the old logo. 

About The Light Bulb:

I chose to include a light bulb because the reason that Pine64 has even started and why it continues to happen is because of ideas and Pine64. Here's a questions: Well then why doesn't every company need a light bulb in their logo, since all companies have ideas? The answer to that is that Pine64 is different than many other companies. They take ideas from customers and the community and they consider them. Pine64 makes hardware that lets people put different ideas, I mean OS's on them. They are open to ideas. Many companies aren't open ideas. Hence why it's a good reason to put a light bulb as part of the logo. It actually means something important! Also, the light bulb doesn't look too much different than the original pine cone. The light bulb adds something to the pine cone. I hope that I made it obvious that it's a light bulb. I put some ellipses at the bottom of it to show that it's a light bulb. I also put rays/light coming from the bulb to help show that it's a light bulb. I'm not exactly sure yet, but I think that three rays is a good amount for this logo. If it isn't then I could definitely tweak it some more.

About the "powered by the community" part:

I picked "powered by the community" because it's true and because it sounds cool. Pine64's hardware needs software. Software is very important to their devices (like really important). The community's software powers Pine64's hardware. Therefore, I decided to add that. I think Pine64 should say something about the community in their logo to show gratitude towards the community, which does good amazing things. I saw that the beta Pine64 logo simply says "community", but that could be confusing to customers. For example if a new customer takes a look at the Pine64 website and they find out that the Pinephone software is "made by the community" they might think that the software is made by Pine64 because the beta logo would make it sound like Pine64 is a community of people and that that community of people/Pine64 actually writes the software. Whereas Pine64 is a community of people, but they are not the community that writes the software. I hope that makes sense. Saying that Pine64 is powered by the community would clarify that confusion. Saying "powered by the community" might also help people consider donating to help the community. Lastly, I will say it again that I think Pine64 should say something about the community in their logo, because the community is really important.

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