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PinePower USBench concept: Usb C universal/lab power supply (=48V5A PD 3.1 trigger)
Who would like to use this PinePower "USBench" concept?

It functions like a compact "bench power supply" with USB C in- and output, powered by a standard USB PPS power source like PinePower. Since you can adjust voltage and current, you can also use it as a "universal DC power supply" to power all kinds of non-USB devices. Hopefully it would be user-friendly, cheap and compact enough to replace all household DC power supplies (that are not in constant use).


The Programmable Power Supply (PPS) mode in currently available USB PD 3.0 power supplies allows a device to trigger 3.3V-21V in 20mV steps, with current limited at 50mA steps (source). With the recently announced USB Power Delivery 3.1, the coming years will bring USB C power supplies with the maximum heart-safe voltage of 48V at 5A.

I found a few niche products exploiting PPS to offer an adjustable power source:
XY-WPDT USB Charging Trigger
And interestingly this open source Arduino project, who knows Ryan Ma who designed this PD-micro may be interested to collaborate:


Like the XY-WPDT there is a USB C in- and a output port, and a small display. To make it practical in everyday use it does however need a case with knobs to set voltage and current, similar to bench power supplies. It should support up to 48V 5A, and maybe voltages below 3.3V by integrating a step-down converter.

Pushing a combination of buttons starts/stops "Child lock" mode. When "Child lock" is activated, all controls are blocked. When the USB cable is pulled from the output port, voltage is stopped until "Child lock" is deactivated. This is to avoid damaging devices by accidentally raising voltage or plugging in other USB devices. Like this the power supply becomes fit for use outside the lab to power all kinds of household devices like laptops, e-bikes, ...

Ability to simply restore settings for devices, by selecting their stored name.

The bench power supply functions an amateur would need for most repairs etc.

Accessories (cables):
- USB C to banana plugs
- USB C to screw terminal
- USB C to multimeter leads
- USB C to 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel jack, with an assortment of barrel jack converters for use as a universal power supply
More USB PD (PPS) triggers relevant to this concept:

FPX by Oxplot (open source tiny PD trigger)

USB-C Explorer by Reclaimer Labs (open source)

PD Buddy Sink by Clara Hobbs (PPS trigger)
PD Buddy in case by NRP

PinePower desktop

If Pine64 ever build a new (48V 5A) PinePower desktop power supply these are some design ideas:

- Also functions as a usb c hub/dock.

- Screw-on accessory (or integrated in the corners) bracket for one or 2 standard balanced arms. Thus using the pinepower as a base for a lamp/microphone/tablet holder, depending on its weight. A hole for a 1/4" screw in the center of the bracket, flush with the pinepower's top, allows a camera tripod extension pole with a tablet holder to be mounted directly above the Pinepower for optimal weight distribution.

- The balanced arm may have a 1/4" threaded camera (or 3/4" microphone) connector and a matching (internal or external) usb c cable.

This allows attached usb c devices like a portable monitor (or Pinetab) in a clamp to use the Pinepower as a dock, a Pinephone wired to the Pinepower could be the host. The Pinepower becomes the center of a clean and movable ergonomic desk.
So as not to start too many threads I'm adding another Pinepower/Pinecil related product concept here.

Pinepower Desktop - solder fume extractor with magnifier lamp


Searching for a compact soldering setup for opportunistic repairs on my bedroom desk, I did find these soldering fume extractors with a lamp, but none with a magnifier:



The next Pinepower Desktop functions as the base of the lamp, a standard balanced-arm can slot into it. This could be achieved by screwing on a bracket.

Attached to the arm there is something like the ZD-153A fume extractor. Preferably it looks more like a classic desk lamp.

It is compatible with the commonly available and trusted Weller WSA350F Carbon Filters.

A magnifier lamp folds out of the fume extractor when it is in use. When folded in it can be used as a standard desk lamp. Optionally the magnifier lamp can be attached directly to the arm without the fume extractor.
Another concept related to power delivery..

Smart speaker with phone/tablet stand and integrated 18650 PD power bank

The portable speaker looks like the i-box Podium (or this) and has following functions.

- Open source voice assistant (development platform).

- Bluetooth speaker with 3.5mm input.

- Qi wireless charging a phone on the stand.

- Tablet/portable monitor stand. Pogo pin connectors in the stand make it a dock for the next Pinetab. A connected monitor can serve either as a display for the smart speaker itself, or for an other connected USB C host device. So when a Pinephone (or an SBC) and a monitor are connected it can serve as a desktop mode dock. The speaker can be connected to a USB C dock. A 1/4" or 3/8" threaded connector on the bottom allows ergonomic mounting on a camera tripod or microphone arm.

- USB PD power bank. Up to 20V 3A would be nice to power the Pinecil, laptops etc. Serves as UPS when USB C in- and output are connected.

- User replaceable 18650 batteries. Recognizes bad batteries, overheating protection, ... Optionally charges other types of batteries like AA and AAA. Shipping may be facilitated by not including batteries, but users should then be advised clearly which quality 18650's permit a sufficient discharge rate without overheating.

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