Pinephone & Nexdock
I got one of the Nexdock things that Purism is selling and I really like it.  I no longer need to tether the phone to a laptop for certain mobile uses - I can simply use the relevant apps and data directly on the phone now.  One odd behavior I am seeing is the screen going black for a couple seconds 2-4 times per minute.  I don't see this behavior when the Nexdock is connected to my Juno tablet (with mobian) so it's apparently not endemic to the dock.

Does anyone else have experience with a Nexdock and Pinephone?  I'd sure like to get some clues to the source of this issue.
For me modem activity will cause this on certain frequencies.
And for me those frequencies are 4G - with 3G or lower this does not happen.

This is also a "known" issue but really difficult (or impossible) to solve
De-coupling the shield on the connecting cable may help. Disconnect it on one end but not the other, if you can. (This likely won't be easy.)
Or try some snap-on ferrites.

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I had an unexpected week on the road during which I was able to get much more use from the Nexdock, and I observed that the blanking happens either frequently/regularly or not at all.  It kinda seems like maybe it doesn't happen if the phone has been recently booted but I need to start keeping a log to see if I can get data rather than anecdotes.

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