Article: (Possibly) Emulate PinePhone with Unicorn Emulator
Unicorn is a lightweight CPU Emulator Framework based on QEMU.

We’re porting a new operating system Apache NuttX RTOS to Pine64 PinePhone. And I wondered…

To make PinePhone testing easier… Can we emulate Arm64 PinePhone with Unicorn Emulator?

Let’s find out! In this article we’ll call Unicorn Emulator to…

1. Emulate Arm64 Machine Code

2. Attach Hooks to intercept Memory Access and Code Execution

3. Boot Apache NuttX RTOS in the emulator

4. Simulate the UART Controller for PinePhone

5. Track an Exception in Arm64 Memory Management

(Possibly) Emulate PinePhone with Unicorn Emulator

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