I2P On Pinephone
Some Pinephone Users Mentioned Uaving Trouble w/Tor Browser fork.... And Since Some Pinephone Users Have Shown Interest In Security / Privacy...

Some May Enjoy Trying I2P on Pinephone / Pinetab / Pinebook (video features Netsurf lightweight browser):


For those unfamiliar, I2P is a "hidden" peer to peer (p2p) network, known as "The Invisible Internet Project" (unique p2p benefits like in "freenet").

Another common usage is torrents (Linux iso img etc)

One thing less mentioned is I2P not only benefits "privacy", but offers strong security enhancements (.i2p) not available for standard https internet .com addresses.

I2P enforces end-to-end encryption between you and the I2P network (as well as e2ee for all .i2p websites).

This prevents attackers from performing MiTM attacks on .i2p sites / servers (outproxy is another story: you rely on browser built in https for encryption for visiting standard internet (clearnet) websites using outproxy).

It's another option (in addition to Tor .onion H.S.) to streamline layering secure connections (e2ee) for various client / server applications (resistant to MiTM), while also protecting user / server identities in the process. Making for more difficult attack surfaces (limiting access to service you specify, and only accessible to those you share the .i2p address). 

Making this equally security, as much as it is privacy enhancement.

Using "Garlic routing" (similar to onion routing, but in contrast to Tor) each user becomes an I2P router / node on internal I2P network (note: this means if you try this, you do connect to other users, but only transport (encrypted data) inside the I2P internal network tunnels - as is case with other p2p networks).

You may like to try this as another option for adding end-to-end encryption to various client / server applications without encryption (for .i2p "eepsites"), without the trust required for https cert auth.

As a user / router, you don't connect to normal (.com) internet sites of users (acting only as internal p2p node, passing encrypted traffic internally, through "tunnels").

You can even use I2P to view standard internet websites (maintain https), and for this I suggest first trying I2P+ https://i2pplus.github.io/

What Do I Need?

Should work on any available Linux operating system for Pinephone (you need Java/jdk installed)


Download I2P+ onto your Pine64 device: https://i2pplus.github.io/index.html#download

Next Run:

java -jar ./i2pinstall_2.1.0+.exe

Next: Run the i2prouter executable with 'start' as its argument (ie: ./i2prouter start); stop it anytime with: ./i2prouter stop

Next: Set Browser To http Proxy: localhost port: 4444 (enable for both http / https sites)

Can I Connect To The Normal Internet?

Yes. An I2P provider called "StormyCloud" (and another hosting company known as "Incognet") donated what is known as an "outproxy" (similar to Tor "exit node"): these are the only servers making those "clearnet" internet connections. For normal internet browsing you should mind https for connecting to standard websites (not necessary for .i2p)

This doesn't mean you should blindly trust outproxies (mind https certs) for clearnet / normal internet usage.

I2P+ fork is one I suggest for getting started:  https://i2pplus.github.io/index.html#download

This one has everything you need, including common / interesting built in .i2p sites, and "outproxy" which is akin to Tor "exit nodes". It's beginner friendly compared to other options.

Download I2P+ Here: https://i2pplus.github.io/

As with Tor (.onion: another nice e2eee layer option), these tools are great for ethical purposes. Quite handy to have for access to information (OSINT), without tying misrepresented searches into databroker sales.

Common misconception are those who use apps for unethical activities: it is secure, and can provide anonymity: of course some w/abuse that because of the strong protection it provides.

I encourage it for the security enhancements, OSINT, looking up health info (Tor Browser has more exit nodes, thus more ideal for most "clearnet" internet, if you have holland fork running). Things you may not want to necessarily want to tie into databroker profiles (affecting health insurance rates, etc).

Netsurf: nice lightweight FOSS option for Pinephone with Javascript disabled by default - you can enable Javascript inside preferences if needed.

(was going to share on Discord, but locked out of account recovery code since disk failure, I'll make new acct sometime)

I see it as a security tool as much as privacy. Avoid shady sites, but do try out Arstechnica, duckduckgo, HackerNews, ProPublica Journalism (all and many more have secure / private I2P addresses avail in I2P+)...

You can even host your own .i2p secure / private services using this.

Most of all, Have Fun!  Big Grin

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." -Shunryu Suzuki

[ Pinephone Original | Pinetab v1 / v2 Enjoyer ]

Linux Device Privacy / Security Playlist

Update: I2P browser button for Pinephone / Linux phone users:

Librewolf profile pre-setup with proxy settings, and desktop button + start / stop script.

Tap the icon / shortcut / button and everything starts: it starts i2prouter in background as it opens the browser with pre-setup I2P profile with proxy settings and more set.

When you close the browser, i2prouter stops for you automatically (similar to how Tor Browser works, but not intended to be a substitute at all, just another option).

From here you can use i2p as usual (ie: for layering end-to-end encryption for web / applications), and / or more privately searching the web (try I2P+ for friendly interface).

Download: http://gg6zxtreajiijztyy5g6bt5o6l3qu32nr...2P-desktop  (Tor browser link for integrity)

You can clone entire repository including icon / i2p.desktop shortcut / start-i2p script by starting tor client and running:

    torify git clone http://gg6zxtreajiijztyy5g6bt5o6l3qu32nrg7eulyemlhxwwl6enk6ghad.onion/RightToPrivacy/I2P-desktop.git

README.md inside has instructions.

Demonstration usage video: https://youtu.be/qB_Co3DgYzE

Let me know if not clear on setting it up on Pinephone (see README.md). Tested on Pinephone, Pinetab v1. Should work on Pinebooks.

First run it's a good idea to let it run about 15min to build connections.

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." -Shunryu Suzuki

[ Pinephone Original | Pinetab v1 / v2 Enjoyer ]

Linux Device Privacy / Security Playlist

I completed I2P-desktop automated installer.

What Is It? It creates an all in one button for browsing I2P (and clearnet with outproxy added).

Starts i2prouter automatically on browser open + stopping it for you on browser close - it's inspired by Tor browser - not a substitute (recommend Tor browser for most internet).
  • creates I2P browser button on your Pinephone (as well as works for Linux desktops)
  • tapping the button / shortcut automatically starts i2prouter for you in background as it opens the custom I2P browser profile
  • custom I2P browser profile (Librewolf - but you can substitute with firefox commands if you edit the start-i2p file)
  • upon browser close, it stops i2prouter

IMPORTANT: First you need to install librewolf (or firefox if you change commands in start-i2p) / your choice of i2prouter before using (I suggest I2P+ for first time users: https://i2pplus.github.io).

Download Direct Location (use Tor browser - secure encrypted .onion): http://gg6zxtreajiijztyy5g6bt5o6l3qu32nr...ter.tar.gz

Extract above (once downloaded) with: tar -xvf fileName.tar.gz

* It expects default i2prouter location: /home/$USER/i2p/i2prouter (edit this to match yours if you use, say i2pd)

Then Run:
bash install.sh

  • moves custom i2p profile to /home/$USER/.librewolf
  • moves start-i2p to /usr/bin & makes executable (shortcut points to this command)
  • moves i2p icon to /home/$USER/Pictures
  • edits the i2p.desktop shortcut for your user
  • copies i2p.desktop to Desktop location & Linux phone screen location (button on your phone all in one browser)

Have fun. Smile

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." -Shunryu Suzuki

[ Pinephone Original | Pinetab v1 / v2 Enjoyer ]

Linux Device Privacy / Security Playlist


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