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Ah, after more testing I found that the .rules file gets overwritten with the original content on each reboot. More diving...
ОК, solved by flashing manjaro phosh beta26 to eMMC. State now:
- it takes calls and rings even when suspended
- the python script for GPS doesn't work, lacks a module
- megapixels now focuses and is generally more responsive, but also lacks a module, so there's only a .dng file somewhere in tmp folders
- copying the .local and .config stuff from the beta21 in megi's subvolume on the SD card was successful, I have just about everything I had there, except the ringtones, with which I don't feel like messing for now. It's enough that I have my calls, messages, addresses. serbian keyboards. And the OS is now rather translated. Additional bonus: when I switched the language, it automatically switched the formats too, so I now have the date in my preferred format.

A slight glitch: after midnight, the login screen kept showing yesterday's date for another hour. Perhaps it was because I corrected the timezone (from +0 to +1) after midnight. We'll see how it fares tonight.

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