temporary enclosure with lcd
has anyone created a decent "enclosure" for their pine64 that includes the lcd?
what did you do?
how did you orient the PCB in regards to the panel, so that the cables reach nicely?
what was it made of?
did you get the camera in there somehow?
other addons?

i'm thinking about getting some lexan (i have a sheet around here somewhere) and try to put something together so that i can at least hold the thing like a tablet, until my actual enclosure arrives (via the original kickstarter).
I found an enclosure at the Verizon wireless store (designed for their tablet|phone). I am investigation whether the PineA64 guts & LCD may be enclosed in their cab.

keep you posted

I had one made for me in acrylic using a laser cutter. It is NOT perfect, and I do not have the files to post here. It was done use tongue and groove joints, with acrylic glue. The top panel has some screws so I can easily get it out if needs be. Also I 3d printed one of the cases i found on thingverse which is where the pine is store INSIDE the acrylic case. Attached are some pictures. 

[Image: enclosure.jpg]

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