Article: Understanding PinePhone's Display (MIPI DSI)
How does PinePhone control its LCD Display? Let’s uncover all the secrets about PinePhone’s mysterious LCD Display and its MIPI Display Serial Interface…

1. What’s a MIPI Display Serial Interface (DSI)

2. What’s inside PinePhone’s LCD Display

3. How it’s similar to PineTime’s ST7789 Display Controller

4. One lane for Commands, but 4 lanes for Data!

5. Implications of a RAM-less Display Controller

6. What are PinePhone’s Display Engine (DE) and Timing Controller (TCON)

Check out the article here...

Understanding PinePhone's Display (MIPI DSI)
Thanks for posting all these articles - they are very interesting.
I will definitely try it out when there's something to try.
Have you any idea what you will do about the modem? Will you try and incorporate ModemManager / eg25-manager (if that's possible) or will you be building something of your own?
Also, this probably isn't relevent but have you seen this series of articles?

Thanks and good luck
(10-01-2022, 10:26 AM)moodroid Wrote: Also, this probably isn't relevent but have you seen this series of articles?

Thanks! I haven't started working on the Modem Driver. The articles look really interesting, I'll check them out :-)

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