Battery meter slowly reducing under keyboard charger
I have a new pinephone keyboard that I am using with Manjaro (5.19.8-1-MANJARO-ARM)

The keyboard works and the phone says that it is charging the internal battery, but often the battery meter on the phone slowly drops to zero.

I have a script on boot to update

and I am setting it to 3000000. The value remains. It is not changed by other processes and this does not fix the charging issue. Changing the value seems to have no effect.

The keyboard battery seems like it is charging normally

sudo ppkb-i2c-charger-ctl info -v
Charger: Full ( chg_end)
Button: 00 ( btn_not_press)
0x70: 19
V=4197 mV (OCV 4214 mV) I=-6 mA

Rebooting does not fix the issue. After the internal battery meter reached 0% I tried removing the phone from the keyboard case. Despite reporting 0% battery, the phone continues to operate. It still reports the battery as 'charging'.

The phone is also getting very hot, under the EG-25G shield.

Here are some values reported that could be of use
sudo cat /sys/class/power_supply/rk818-battery/charge_counter
sudo cat /sys/class/power_supply/rk818-battery/voltage_now
sudo cat /sys/class/power_supply/rk818-battery/current_now

My issue does not seem to be the same as any of the issues reported at
This may have been caused by putting the phone to sleep. The actual battery charge level may get out of sync with the reported level. For example the battery may have been charged but is still reporting say 50%.

Then when the phone wakes up it tries to charge the already full battery. The phone gets hot and the charge begins to go down.

I suspect this because
 - this issue stopped happening after I stopped suspending the phone
 - putting the same battery into a pinephone results in weird battery charge level reporting for the first charge

EDIT: It is happening again without sleep

EDIT: It was caused by a broken pogo pin

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