Fix keyboard layout
I am using Manjaro plasma and I'm having some trouble getting the keyboard layout to work with the characters under the number row.

I have tried the suggestion on (Step 8) as well as reading the doc at

When I create the layout and try to load it I get
# setxbmap -layout ppkb
WARNING: Running setxkbmap against an XWayland server

and they changes don't seem to work. Even if I for example override a number key with a different number.

Has anyone had any success in fixing this?
Somewhat working

Follow instructions at
The file to edit is /etc/vconsole.conf. If keymaps is included in yout /etc/mkinitcpio.conf then it will work from initramfs (run mkinitcpio -P to refresh it)

caveat: Ctrl key is no longer working for me

Update your /usr/share/xkb/* to the files in

I'm not sure the correct way to configure wayland/plasma to use the layout but I had success with creating


I tried several things but I think this is what got it to work in Plasma/Wayland.

If you don't want to change the files in /usr/share/xkb/ you can create them in your home directory, see:

Ideally we could select it using the 'System Settings' application, as it is on the desktop, but I'm not sure which packages are needed to get this to work.

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