Article: NuttX RTOS for PinePhone: Blinking the LEDs
Programming the GPIO Hardware on PinePhone looks complicated… But it’s not that different from microcontrollers! (Like PineTime Smartwatch and PineCone BL602)

Today we shall learn…
1. How to blink the LEDs on PinePhone
2. What’s the Allwinner A64 Port Controller
3. What’s inside the Linux Device Tree
4. How we configure and flip the GPIOs
5. How to do this in C and BASIC

We shall experiment with PinePhone’s GPIO Hardware by booting Apache NuttX RTOS on PinePhone.

Why boot NuttX RTOS on PinePhone? Why not Linux?

NuttX RTOS is a super-tiny, Linux-like operating system that gives us “Unlocked Access” to all PinePhone Hardware. Thus it’s easier to directly manipulate the Hardware Registers on PinePhone.

(Like with peek and poke in BASIC)

Will it mess up the Linux installed on PinePhone?

We shall boot NuttX safely with a microSD Card, we won’t touch the Linux Distro on PinePhone. 

Let’s dive in and find out how we blinked the PinePhone LEDs…

NuttX RTOS for PinePhone: Blinking the LEDs

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