Inquiring about the PineBook Pro
I want to learn the ARM architecture and migrate some of my computing to it, with the option to go all the way down to ARM assembly language and machine code for e.g. firmware (I'm already somewhat familiar with x86 asm and machine code,) and compatible with common ARM systems like phones, Pine64's SBCs and Raspberry Pis. I am under the impression that a strong ARM laptop would be the most flexible and convenient way to do this (so I don't have to cross-compile/emulate, etc) and the Pinebook Pro appears to be the best on the market for the purpose, especially since I could just run the laptop right next to any other ARM hardware I later acquire as a portable development system. Second opinions?

 I'd like to run a hypervisor like Xen so I can run multiple ARM-compatible OSes simultaneously for maximum flexibility. I see various other ARM laptops on the market but the PBP seems to be the most suited to the widest variety of software and hardware development? Would natively building and testing Android and iPhone code on this sort of setup be realistic, or only more open platforms like Armbian? A pair of A72s should produce quick compile times for small- to mid-sized software projects, right? I'm also looking to migrate away from Security-Through-Obscurity Black-Box Intrusion Systems like "Microsoft Pluton," "Intel Management Engine," and "AMD Secure Technology." The Rockchip RK3399 seems to have no ARM TrustZone or similar technologies in it and that is likely a positive for my purposes, unless it's the only performance-efficient way to get the necessary virtualization to support a FOSS hypervisor like Xen?

 The USB-C port is also a major draw most ARM systems lack. Seems like it's limited to 15W? - can the most recent batch run entirely off a 15 or 60W+ USB-C power source with a dead and/or disconnected battery? That would be highly desirable. If not, is there any way to run with a dead battery, like connecting both the included power brick and a USB-C power source at the same time? If still not, is there a viable way I could get 2 batteries and swap them as needed, charging one outside the laptop, short of buying 2 PBPs? And does the current batch USB-C port support any other USB alt-modes like Thunderbolt or HDMI?

 Recommendations of companion hardware, software and configurations towards these goals welcome.

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I had hoped that posting the above right as the PBP relaunched would be ideal for getting good replies. Instead it seems there are no replies at all several months later, and all my concerns remain applicable. Perhaps a bump will remedy things.

 While I'm here I may as well note that more USB-C ports, ideally with more support for >15W Power Delivery and Thunderbolt Aux Mode, would be very useful in the next model, if there's going to be a next model. Ideally where the PBP would be able to run entirely off a USB-C power brick/bank with a dead battery. If I can't get enough confirmation on the PBP's capabilities for my needs I suppose I'll have to go with something from MNT Reform instead, or perhaps give up on ARM for most purposes.
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I'll try again. My text got deleted the last time.

My battery never goes dead, so I can't be sure.  But it will always charge when running, so I don't see why it wouldn't do that with a totally drained battery.  Given the battery life as it is, I'm not sure why you would need a backup battery.  But I suppose the PBP is cheap enough you could always get two.

I don't see the point in running multiple operating systems concurrently.  But you can install as many operating systems as you like on micro-sd cards, and swap them at will.  You will have to get over the Manjaru U-boot hurdle first though.

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Yes, it can be a problem when you completely drained the battery.
So you have to be careful with sleep mode ( I never use sleep mode).

I have a Pinebook Pro (PBP) from the first ANSI keyboard batch.
Battery is still decent and I use it almost every day connected to power.

I never used Xen, but I have used Qemu.
But I think the biggest limitation is 4GB of memory.

I'm not sure how suitable the PBP is for Android development.
I have never seen anyone do it.

A quick search points me here, but it mentions 8GB recommended:

And I really have my doubts about iOS development.

And HDMI out from USB-C seems to be hit and miss. I had it working in the past, at some point it was broken in Manjaro and I didn't bother testing it lately.
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