Ubuntu and LCD Display
I don't see anything on this, I'm wondering if anyone is developing a Ubuntu image for the LCD Display.
The ideas are being kicked around by a couple of very sharp cookies...

... but, gnu+linux on the PineA64 does not yet support the LCD touch display; but, don't lose heart-- its on the way, and I'm confident that (con't make anyone any promises, that would be dumb) it will not be that long, ralatively speaking.

The gnu+linux images have far exceeded any of our ( gnu+linux geeks ) wildest expectations ( I really didn't have any ) in terms of time, quality, performance, and actual realization--- these guys (longsleep, lennyraposo, and a host of others) have made some really remarkable strides in this venue !

My suggestion is be supportive, give 'em some time, praise their current work, and hold the faith bubba-- its getting there, and its really getting there at a phenomenal rate !


ThankX Marcus, I hold you geeks in high regard for you have a gift I never was able to achieve, coding is an art form.
I've been a hardware person since 1979, tried BASIC and stuck with hardware. Looking forward to what you guys come up with.
I'd like to use the Pine in the backyard with my Celestron. Would you happen to know how the ExaGear works? I'd like to use an HP HD webcam I modified with the Pine to capture images of the sky and I can't find a driver on Android so I guess an x86 emulator is the way to go. That's why I'm so keen on the LCD screen.

So to all the coding geeks keep up the good work, a lot of people appreciate it.
Will this same work that will support the 7" touchscreen also support external USB touchscreen monitors?

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