PPP Phone rings with constant vibrate - turn off vibrate

I don't recall ever having this problem with my pinephone. I'll get a call and the phone will ring (not really a pleasant experience either). Along with this ring the phone continuously vibrates. Not like a small keyboard vibrate, but like like a vibrate that you can hear from another room. I would think that this is not a desirable  function in general. A ring is good enough, no need to wake up the neighbor ;-). Certainly, it has it's uses. For example, if you're in a theater and want to be notified when a call comes in, but that should be a silent type of vibrate (without a ring) that you feel in your pocket, just you.

Is there a way to turn off the vibrate for incoming calls, or at least reduce the vibrate "volume"? Is there some setting that controls the vibration characteristics for certain events? Same for the ring?

TIA for helping.

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