Mobian + tow boot + emmc flash = boot loop

I recently installed tow-boot to get wake-from-suspend working, and I saw that it was supposed to make flashing to emmc possible as well.

I followed the instructions on the wiki, flashing once from an SD card boot of mobian, and another time from my desktop by booting the pinephone pro as a usb mass storage device. Both times when I try to reboot I get a red light, and then an amber light, repeat.

I used dd every time. I flashed the *.img file from the latest Mobian weekly build.

Before flashing I saw some people claim that mobian will work on emmc after installing tow-boot, but is it possible that it still doesn't for some devices? Is it maybe the version of mobian that I'm using? Something else maybe?

Thanks for reading.
I was able to install to eMMC by using the Mobian installer (April 3rd build) loaded onto an SD card.
(04-07-2022, 11:47 AM)spropine Wrote: I was able to install to eMMC by using the Mobian installer (April 3rd build) loaded onto an SD card.

I noticed that none of the April weekly build images are working for me on SD or EMMC. 

I will try the installer.  Thanks for the info!
I'm still unable to get Mobian on eMMC to work, despite verifying that the filesystem from the image was dd'd correctly onto the eMMC via tow-boot's jumpdrive feature. As the OP said, I get the blue light, then the yellow light, but then the yellow light persists and it never boots. This is different behavior from when the eMMC is blank or corrupted, in which case the LED blinks red at me. @spropine @sringgen did you ever get this to work? Thanks
I downloaded a May image of Mobian for PPP if I remember the date right, and later copied it with dd onto a 64G SD, extended the partition with the disk tool, put the chip into the PPP, and then booted the PPP (with tow-boot) while pressing the down volume button.

Previously, I had a copy working on the internal storage by using the same method.

The apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade command will get you a working system as of today, Saturday December 31.

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