Pinephone compatability in Sweden with Telia and some other thoughts and insights!
Got my Pinephone with beta convergence package yesterday and flashed it with the newest (i guess?) Manjaro-ARM-plasma-mobile-pinephone-factory-20220311.img

phone calls - Work to make/receive calls.

sms - Works to send/receive sms. To send a sms you have to include the IDD (International Dialing Prefix) of Sweden witch is +46 or 0046 if you want to, otherwise the sms just won't make it's way to the receivers phone. A phone number that's for example 0762 93 ** 32 would have to look like +46762 93 ** 32 to be sent to the receiver. Otherwise it's just laying in your phone and seems to been sent, no errors etc so it's hard to know that it's not been sent as the phone don't tell you that.

mms - Don't work, not out of the box. Don't know if there's an easy fix to this? Get's a 'No MMSC selected'.

cellular data - Works fine with 3G. You have to manually activate a APN thou, which the phone auto detect itself while at it. Settings > Cellular network > SIM 0 > Modify Access Point Names > and then click on 'autodetect APN'. I've got three APNs and that's Halebop, Multicom Security and Telia and the phone automatically select Telia for me. After that the cellular data worked.

One thing i noticed is that sometimes when the pinephone is working with opening some applications i can hear a click-sound from within the phone of the same type of like a broken hard drive? Don't really know what that could be? It can be like three to four clicks in a row with like one and a half to like two seconds between each click and then it stops. Doesn't seem to do anything with the phone itself thou, at least nothing that I'm aware of.

It's kind of buggy here and there but that's not that big of a problem for me and i hope to get rid of much of that when switching to the i3-WM instead of the KDE plasma that would be the regular VM for the phone. I must just wait for the pinephone keyboard to be restocked.

I haven't used the usb-c dock station that comes with the phone yet but it sure looks and feel pretty awesome.

Some of the applications that I've downloaded thru pacman are Visual studio code, KeePassXC, Firefox, Gimp, Hexchat, Transmission and Thunderbird.

Okular works pretty well with reading epub's. It's a long wait at the beginning of each page but on the other side you don't have to scroll as soon as you get to a new page this is just something I do, if you just start reading and start scrolling down when you have read whats on the screen you're not going to be aware of the very long loading times on each page at all..

Thunderbird and Firefox in my opinion works very well at the pinephone in horizontal view (I'm at 125% zoom). Transmission also doing what it's supposed to. The phone is buggy as hell (imo) when it comes to switching between the horizontal and regular mode and the zooming etc and often crash but a reboot seems to fix that, it's not very often you're doing that either (if ever?).

The battery time i couldn't really have any opinions at right now because I've been constantly using the phone and to tell the truth my phone before this one was a Samsung from 2011, don't really know what model. So I don't really know what to expect and so on. But i do know that it's way better than my old phone..

This is for sure my phone of choice for daily use and I'm for sure are going for the Pinephone Pro in a near future. I Don't use any (A)social media's and so on so the lack of all of those shitty apps doesn't bother my at all the only thing i can feel like I would like to have that you have on the android/iphone is the app 'Mobilt Bank-ID' which didn't worked on my old phone either thou..
Hello and welcome Smile

I am quite sure that Telia has two APN - one for data and for MMS. Currently there is no easy solution for sending or receiving MMS if carrier has two APNs. There are some workarounds but most likely best one is to not use MMS at all before things get "ready". Best place to follow progress is here:

Clicks open and close cameras. It should be 4 clicks (two cameras and both open and close).
More or less software issue - not a big one - but just to let you know Smile.

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