Geary: can't write mail

I can set recipient and subject, but it's not possible to write any text (it's not possible to bring the focus/corsor to the mail body).
If I click cancel, click the "undo" button, then I'm able to write the mail as expected.
If I click cancel, click the "undo" button, click in the recipient of subject field, then I'm not able to jump to the text field.

This issue happens with and without a signature. This issue happens with "plain text" and "rich text".

Version: 40.0-2mobian1
The only log entry I can find is: "org.gnome.Geary[...]: *[wrn] ... Gdk:Event with type 4 not holding a GdkSeat. It is most likely synthesized outside Gdk/GTK+"
Use TAB to move between fields (on 'world/terminal' keyboard)
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Thanks for the hint (workaround?) with the tab key.
I have changed my on-screen keyboard now. Made the action-keys for numbers, symbols, ... smaller and added a tab key left of space key.

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