Can't use HDMI to DVI converter purchased from Pine64 store
I've had 100% success using a Samsung monitor (S20C300BL) and a standard HDMI to DVI adapter cable from Amazon The DVI input on the monitor is DVI-D (dual link).

One would think the adapter and cable design would be the same, only difference being gender on the cables/adapter, but reading all of the problems, such as the one above, leads me to wonder if the problems are more centered on the design/compatibility of the adapter, rather than the monitor itself.

I think its also important to break out what is likely two distinct issues: one, issues with hdmi input monitors, and issues with DVI inputs, with the adapter being used.

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RE: Can't use HDMI to DVI converter purchased from Pine64 store - by DonFL - 07-09-2016, 09:42 AM

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