Current Situation Mobian Installer (PPPro)
(02-27-2022, 06:30 AM)arno_nuehm Wrote: Hello there,

has someone tested the new version (20220227) of the Mobian Installer for the PinephonePro?

I tried FDE installation from SDcard on eMMC and SDcard and both are not working. Choosing the eMMC, it's aborting with an error message while installing. Choosing installation on the SDcard is going through, but the phone is not booting.

Any ideas?

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Not certain if this applies here,  
but on my new Explorer  ==>  The phone does not show a boot LED indicator when running on Mobian.

It DOES boot,  ---- just no boot indicator light.

The standard 2 second press on the power button, then wait a while to see a screen.
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