Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone?
I reinstalled Manjaro Plasma and updated it to the stable branch.

Baloo is still crashing. Use this command to disable it because the client application Krunner is not adapted to Mobile Plasma.

$ sudo balooctl disable

The Koko app is now crashing on jpg files; I have to use Okular instead. But Koko works for vob video files. The Clip app is working now, but it crashes on finding large vob files. I have to delete those references from its cliprc file (under Maui).

The audio visual playback is choppy again. I need to look up the interrupt priorities that I was previously using to fix this.

The Megapixels app is working now, but with the controlling files restricted to the /usr/share/megapixels directory.

I downloaded the Alsa Audio mixer to improve the audio.
high-priority = yes
nice-level = -15

realtime-scheduling = yes
realtime-priority = 5

rlimit-nice = -11
rlimit-rtprio = 9

I have added this code to the /etc/pulse/daemon.conf file.
In the directory /etc/systemd/user/, I modified the files pipewire.socket, and pulseaudio.socket to set Priority to 5 instead of 6.
The Manjaro Plasma Update Today Is Broken.

The stable branch, testing branch, and unstable branch are all broken as of this morning, Friday, February 17, 2023. This follows on from the unstable branch being broken about about two weeks ago.
I have a hard time seeing how a Manjaro Plasma installation on any hardware can be updated now. The substitution of "KF6" library files for "KF5" library files is a major mistake.
It seems that every KDE package or repackage marked -5.103.0 is at fault, as opposed to -5.102.0. Just how many devices are affected by this?
The 2023-02-16 stable update is working fine for me on my original (non-Pro) PinePhone (Beta Edition). I cannot speak for the testing and unstable branches.
Apparently the karchive package must also be reverted. It provides necessary symbols, this as commented elsewhere on the net.
Manjaro Plasma is back.

This early morning update of Manjaro Plasma has restored and improved operation on the PinePhone Pro. It seems that the stable branch may be working also sooner rather than later.
Megapixels is working with flash. The Koko app shows photos. But the Index app crashes now. And there is no sign of the baloo problem.
But now there is an unreliability in kwin-wayland that has to be humored somehow for operation.

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