Is Manjaro Plasma stable for anyone?
Since yesterday, Thursday December 8, the unstable branch of Manjaro Plasma is working much better. The navigation panel, status panel, and the wallpaper dialog all work now.
The cameras work for still pictures. Angelfish looks good playing YouTube videos.

But plasmashell is somewhat crashy on startup, and the terminal app has lost its arrow keys function. The shutdown dialog allows for logging out, but this requires the qt5-virtualkeyboard for recovery, or for logging in to another user.
I think that it is stable, at least for me, and also safe but of course there are some bugs and hiccups when updating, which was fixed in time. But it is still very reliable
The terminal application is now fixed as of Saturday, December 10. The unstable branch of Manjaro Plasma is looking like a good release again after a few weeks.

I downloaded the Alsa Audio mixer because the microphone is not sensitive. And any day now, I will work out a better color matrix for each of the cameras.
It has been a nice run for the unstable branch of Manjaro Plasma. But now the new issue of systemd today, Thursday, December 22, causes problems with video play.
(12-22-2022, 09:47 AM)mburns Wrote: It has been a nice run for the unstable branch of Manjaro Plasma. But now the new issue of systemd today, Thursday, December 22, causes problems with video play.

This was actually a one time difficulty.

Otherwise, the Clip app and the Baloo facility do not run, and the Dr. Konqi notification window therefore needs to be turned off.
Before today, with a major update in the unstable branch for Manjaro Plasma, there was a quite good ability to play back video with a cool feel. Today's update, on Monday December 26, seems to run warmer.

But, by comparison, The Mobian updates have regressed and now run hot and with balky video playback.
There is a new release of Manjaro today, Saturday December 31, in the unstable branch updates. Things are satisfactory now. Though the Gnome applications, Clip and Baloo are not working. And the Megapixels app needs the tuning that I have posted here.

The Mobian updates have also fixed av playback.
(04-30-2022, 04:50 PM)KNERD Wrote:
(04-30-2022, 04:03 PM)TRS-80 Wrote:
(04-04-2022, 10:24 PM)Tim_D Wrote: My question is this... Huh how can I set up ANY SMS? Do I still need to hold onto my 2 year old Android phone JUST to get SMS?

SMS should 'just work' on any distro which supports PinePhone by now.  MMS is another story, although even that is becoming pretty well supprted by now (was not always the case).

Well, last I checked, the Manjaro with Plasma Mobile does not even come with a SMS application. Instead you have to install a modem app to even get any SMS received.

For me Spacebar which is installed by default is working for SMS. I did not try MMS.
I don't know if anyone else is updating to the unstable branch of Manjaro Plasma. It is just that there is trouble there now.

Plasma will not allow login now. I will keep checking for a while.

Mobian is OK. It needs rebooting once in a while to get AV playback.
It seems that Plasma has a major library version problem, at least for mobile installations. It would be astonishing if this happened for desktop installations also.

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