NAS Setup: Hdds PSU external power option
Good day Everyone.

I decided to intall a 6 SATA Drive card and pack 6 2.5'' hdds in the NAS case the problem is that the Sata power dapter can only supply enought power for 2 drives.

I am looking for recomendations to supply power to the four remaining drives.

Until know I have been uing a USB to Sata converted connected to a fast phone charger. It works but from time to time a drive disappears, no doubt I am exceding the USB current settings. Hence I am looking for something that can supply more current to get my Hdds up and running.

I did used a 12V/5V 2A USB to IDE/SATA Power Supply Adapter For Hard Drive HDD CD-ROM Tool; of course if end up exploting after a few minute. RockPro survided

I attached a few pictures of the rack for refence. Plush blanket great for antistatic I know (Not!) YOLO

SATA PCIE hardware used :

BEYIMEI PCIE 4x SATA card 6 ports, 6 Gbit / s SATA 3.0, boot as System Diskette, Support 6 SATA 3.0 Devices, with 6 SATA cables and a 15pin SATA to 4SATA Power Distribution Cable(ASM1166)

Any suggestions?

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that's pretty cool! if you were running SSDs, you might have enough power to split into multiple connectors in parallel, but 6 spinning disks? 2.5" draw less power but not that much less. Hmm..
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