Bash prompt temp batery Mobian ppp
Hi .
Well i was trying Mobian  and i love the little tweak of adding on .bashrc the battery prompted when ssh connection.
and i realize the path have change and  variables and so, and still there is no wiki so i will share here.
The new thing is just adding and change a couple of things, here we go:
I just create a var.  CAPACI and call it with the new  path.

# -= start battery prompt =-
BATTERY=/sys/class/power_supply/rk818-charger/ #meu ppp ficar vari CAPACI nou path
CAPACI=/sys/class/power_supply/battery/ # mee ppp crido CAPACI nou path
BATSTATE=$(cat ${BATTERY}/status)
CHARGE=$(cat ${CAPACI}/capacity)
rest of the code dont change.

note:  powersuply app happens the same.
that's it. Should work with this.


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