Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month
I've been waiting for an order from the Pine Store for nearly a month now, and I'm beginning to get a little concerned. During my last Pine Store order, it took about 10 days between the USPS update "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" and notice that it had arrived in the US. So far, it's been in the status "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" (on the USPS side) or "Airlines receive" (on the Chinese shipping side of 17track) since January 12th. My entire last order took 16 days to deliver (same delivery options) but my current shipment has been waiting 26 days in that status alone.

I'm trying to be patient despite my excitement to receive my Pinephone keyboard, but should I be concerned at this point that my order might have been lost in transportation? Of course, my last order was in June, not a few weeks before Chinese New Year, but if things had been operating at the same rate as in June, it would have arrived well before Chinese New Year. Is anyone else encountering really slow shipping for their order?

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Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - by KiteX3 - 02-07-2022, 12:05 PM

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