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Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - KiteX3 - 02-07-2022

I've been waiting for an order from the Pine Store for nearly a month now, and I'm beginning to get a little concerned. During my last Pine Store order, it took about 10 days between the USPS update "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" and notice that it had arrived in the US. So far, it's been in the status "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" (on the USPS side) or "Airlines receive" (on the Chinese shipping side of 17track) since January 12th. My entire last order took 16 days to deliver (same delivery options) but my current shipment has been waiting 26 days in that status alone.

I'm trying to be patient despite my excitement to receive my Pinephone keyboard, but should I be concerned at this point that my order might have been lost in transportation? Of course, my last order was in June, not a few weeks before Chinese New Year, but if things had been operating at the same rate as in June, it would have arrived well before Chinese New Year. Is anyone else encountering really slow shipping for their order?

RE: Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - michel_luc - 02-07-2022

I'm in the same situation as you. My order has been stuck at "Airlines receive" since Jan 13, and like you have had much faster shipments in the past. My order was well before Chinese New Year, so I don't think I can blame that, but shipping in general is slower now that it was since my last order. Pine64 states that orders can take 30-45 days, so I'm not going to bug them about it before then.

RE: Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - tmschmitz - 02-07-2022

My order was at that status until this morning. I got notice about 0100 that it cleared customs in LA and is heading my way.

RE: Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - KiteX3 - 02-14-2022

I just got an update on 17track; mind you it only changed from "Airlines receive" to ...again, "Airlines receive", but as a duplicate associated with today's date instead. Anyone else in the same boat? Hopefully this means they've cleared up the shipping problems and my tech is finally en route!

RE: Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - TRS-80 - 02-17-2022

Mine has been that way as well, since the 16th in my case. My guess is that it did not make it before CNY. But you were a few days before me.

Honestly I have not ordered anything from China in a while, since before all this more recent supply chain craziness. So this was a bit of an experiment to be honest. However, OTOH, I ordered some things off AliExpress right around the same time and those arrived in 2-4 weeks, which is about back to normal (based on quite a lot of past (pre-covid) experience).

I am not panicking yet. People are getting their keyboards[0], and I have ordered a few things from PINE64 before and so far received all of them.

[0] As evidenced by the number of people complaining in IRC, Matrix, and elsewhere about how they have to shim them to get them to work properly (lol).

RE: Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - RodeoX - 02-18-2022

I ordered a pinephone pro and keyboard Jan 11th. Received my phone promptly but case has not arrived.
The phone and case were separate orders and unfortunately I can't find the order info on the case.
Should I be worried?

RE: Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - dachalife - 02-18-2022

Probably stuck in customs, depends where you live.

My keyboard order took about 30 days with 7+ of them being held by customs. They have to figure out what to charge you for the import tax before releasing the package. In the end, it was worth the wait; I love the keyboard.

I never got any shipping status updates during that time & selected standard shipping. I figured at least 30-60 days in transit, be patient it will be there.

RE: Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - TRS-80 - 02-22-2022

I wouldn't worry, yet. I am annoyed, to be sure, but not worried. Yet. Wink

If you are in US like me, there are no import taxes (or at least, they are extremely rarely, if ever[0] enforced) and (typically) very little customs delays.

I will also mention that IIRC my PinePhone said it was still somewhere else and then all of a sudden it appeared in my mailbox. So I would not take this tracking as 100% accurate. Unless things improved since then.

[0] In fact I never even heard of anyone paying them, and I have ordered probably 100s of things from AliExpress over the years, and I never personally paid any, either, so I am not even sure we even have them at all.

RE: Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - gasher - 03-09-2022

Has anyone received their keyboard yet? I ordered mine on January 4th, it shipped January 11th, and the last status update was "Received by Airlines" on January 13th. I'm getting concerned that it's been lost some where.

RE: Shipping stuck in: "Airlines Receive" for nearly a month - TRS-80 - 03-10-2022

I ordered mine Jan 10 and it's still stuck in China since Jan 16, same as last update up thread.

In fact, I just checked again today as some people have only 60 days (from purchase) to initiate a chargeback inquiry, and I was worried my window was closing. However, in my case my bank allows up to 90 days and so I will practice patience a little longer.

FWIW, I will add that, in the meantime, I have received several things ordered off AliExpress, which all arrived quite quickly actually (2-4 weeks). In those cases, I would say things appear to be 'back to normal.' So, I don't know who PINE64 are using to ship or what the hold up is, but other Far East shippers do not appear to be having the same issues lately.