Bent SD card pin
(02-01-2022, 01:57 PM)kqlnut Wrote: This is highly experimental and I have no idea if this would work with the PinePhone Pro, but there is Maskrom mode on the RK3399 which apparently can be used for flashing to the eMMC. See here and here. But be cautious, I don't know if or how this would work and how much you could mess things up with it.
I would first try to fix the SD card slot. Maybe it's possible to fix the pins with a needle or even take the thing apart?

Thanks I will look at those options you mentioned.

I have been trying to fix the pins with a needle. No luck at all so far. I thank I would be a fairly invasive repair should I attempt it. I have not yet talked myself into that level of changes to the brand new phone.


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