(ARCHIVED) Debian Mate (3.10.102 BSP)
I find some issues regarding this Debian version. When i click on upper right corner where connection information is, and after that i request connection information, it says error connection and there is no active connection. I tried to do snapshot of this situation and again there was an error saying PNG type is not supported and therefore it can not make any screenshots.
Also iceweasel started blocking when accessing You tube, just stood there and the only option is to do xkill.
All these things happened after installing last kernel.
At this moment i do apt-get upgrade in order to see if everything is ok.
Maybe these issues with kernel should be fixed as soon as possible.
last option is to re-burn original ime and trying not to upgrade latest kernel Smile
Longsleep, do you have any answer to this ?
They have been working on the image last couple of days... you could check out the irc channel and ask...
#Pine64 channel

Anyway, I'd wait a coupld of days for the image on-site to be stable. Also, you might want to check that your apt-get update sources.lost is ok; mine was broken.

Also, dump iceweasel... use midori
New Debian Mate Image will be released today:
-Kernel 3.10.102 (longsleep)
-WifI/Bluetooth Module (Both Operational)
-Cheese & Guvcview
-GIMP, Inkscape
-LibreOffice Suite
-Midori, IceDove, Firefox (unstable)
-Gnome Disk Utility, Gparted, Synaptics
-Kodi (Jarvis), VLC, RhythmBox
-Java, Python

[Image: debian-mate-r3.png]
If you like my work be sure to check out my site or wish to donate to the cause

Cheers Big Grin
Great news Longsleep. Will it be released on your official site ?
I think firefox shouldn't be in the image because looks like Firefox ASR don't want to startup at all. I tried installing it but no use. So smaller image-better Smile
Will resize partition script and fix for hdmi and analog output be inserted in this image or still it will be manual ?
What happened with Allwiner's support for their MALI cip ?
I am not longsleep Wink

But ESR is provided and Midori for general usage. Hopefully Firefox will get fixed in the near future.

Also this image is prepped for future inclusion of the MALI Binaries when we get word from AllWinner in regards to how they were included in their tests.

This is a general purpose MATE DE geared towards the new Linux User providing Office Suite, Email, Browser, Graphic Design and Multimedia Usage.

Please note that Kodi is included but will require the Mali drivers for 3d acceleration for GUI functions (be patient it is coming).

For those with the wifi/bluetooth module I am happy to report that both are working by default (thanks to Xalius). Also the ethernet MAC address is generate upon first boot and /etc/network/interfaces has been modified so that Network Manager will handle all network tasks by default (but you can edit it and use your own custom config)

I have also included a somewhat Pine Theme for the default User.

User: debian
Pass: debian

that is all for now I will post when it is ready for download
If you like my work be sure to check out my site or wish to donate to the cause

Cheers Big Grin
I am sorry Lenny. I am just confused with names these days.
So you say that problem with analog output to earphones and hdmi output is solved ? I mean we do not have to manually add all the lines for sunxi as described in this forum ?
That will be great. I tried again to wake up output but no luck. I am going to take some rest and wil see tommorow Smile what will happens.
Stay well.
I have not done anythign audio jack wise on the pine. Will have to look into things.
If you like my work be sure to check out my site or wish to donate to the cause

Cheers Big Grin
I've downloaded this image twice - and each time my MD5 sum doesn't match the one you've got against the download - but both the files I downloaded had the same MD5 sum...

Can anyone verify that the MD5 sum given at the download link is the right one?

Here's the one I get from downloading it :


Here's the one provided at the download link :


BOTH times I tried I ended up with a file 1,269,182,932 in size - which looks about right...

Would be REALLY nice to have a download link we could grab the file using wget or curl...

I don't really want Mate - but I'll have a look at it....  maybe disable it...
oh sorry I forgot to add the MD5 sum for the new image.
Here it is for 3.10.102 BSP
MD5 = 9e8695887cc97d62a0f70667f4fa81d3

For all those reading this the new download is located at https://www.pine64.pro/downloads/#Debian-Linux
If you like my work be sure to check out my site or wish to donate to the cause

Cheers Big Grin
nice work on the new image, lenny. extremely quick boot time. great look. thanks.

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