PinePhone docked to a computer (Nexdock)
My Pinephone is currently running Mobian and I have been playing with docking to my Nexdock lapdock. Using a usb-c connection from the booted phone to the usb-c connection on the lapdock does connect. The dock icon on the phone shows connection and I see the Debian background screen on the Nexdock. When the phone is in portrait mode the touchpad (pointer) can be moved over to the phone and used to click on apps and navigate around the screen. When an app is launched (ie Terminal) the keyboard on the Nexdock can be used to type on the phone. 
If the phone is turned to landscape mode the screen image on the phone then becomes the screen image on the Nexdock and it is like working with a 14" screen for the Pinephone. It is interesting to note that in this mode the cursor image stops at the edge of the Nexdock and will not move to the Pinephone as it did in portrait mode. I am in the process of increasing my Linux skills (noobie) so being able to work the Pinephone with a keyboard and mouse (touchpad) is fun.
An additional plus is the Nexdock charges the Pinephone. Since I have ordered the new keyboard from Pine64 I look forward to increasing the battery life of the Pinephone.

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