Where to report bugs on Ubuntu for PINE64
Where is the best place to report bugs and feature requests for Ubuntu longsleep for PINE64?
At the moment, probably on the chat site; where you and I talked last night.

The guys that are actually building this stuff are active on that site. You will probably get a faster response there. I don't know yet if they have a github reporting mechanism, but, probably.


(I just asked Xalius, who said there really isn't a formal site yet... soon. )
Thanks, also for the help on irc. Since irc is fairly volatile communication medium and not everybody is online at the sane time, I will stick to the forum for now. But if you know of possabilities via github or launchpad, please share urls.

I think that you can report them at the link below.

Yea, the chat is great for sorting out common issues but for bug reporting, as of right now, I think that jl_678 is right - Lenny's sight is the best bet
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter


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